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ONLINE-Certificate Program in 
Location-based Marketing

You’ve just joined an agency or / you are responsible for digital marketing for a brand or retailer running a type of campaign you’ve never encountered before. Your client wants to reach the audiences visiting their locations, as well as the competitive locations. You’ve now found yourself inside the world of geo-targeting and location-based marketing, but it’s new to you. This 9-part program will give you all the basics and enable you to be the expert in your company.

Our Faculty

Carsten Szameitat 

Asif R. Khan
theLBMA president

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How it WORKS: the program is broken into three sections taking the student from a basic understanding of the industry all the way to an expert level with the latest trends and solutions.   


Advertising Agencies, Brands, Retailers, Consulting Firms, Tech Companies, ...

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2019 - 2020

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All participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the 9-course program signed by President of the Location Based Marketing Association. 

Asif Khan & Carsten Szameitat



Course 1
What Is Location Based Marketing?

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Course 2
Understanding Indoor Location (Hardware/Software)

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Course 3
Strategies For Driving Traffic
(Marketing, Search, Geofencing, Content)

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Understanding the Basics of Location

By the time you’ve completed Level 1, you will be able to define location-based marketing, understanding the basic uses cases in the industry, and have a firm grasp of the vocabulary used. Having completed this level students are equipped to manage the relationships with vendors and agency-partners. 

Advanced Principles of Location 

Completing Level 2 will help you build on the foundations of Level 1. We start with an overview of the solutions in the marketplace for measurement and attribution and explore how location data can be connected to other systems like POS, loyalty and CRM. Lastly, we cover the role location data plays in OOH, online, mobile and even radio and TV. Once you’ve completed this level, you will be able to fully integrate location-based marketing strategies into your overall media plan and understand how to measure its effectiveness.

Expert: Leveraging Location Data

Today and Tomorow: After completing Level 3 students will have a full understanding of the power of location data in personalized/hyperlocal media strategies. They will also have a general understanding of the guidelines for location data privacy on a global scale and be able to have a framework for realizing the value of location data in vertical markets outside of retail/brand marketing as well as the emerging technologies impacting location data and services.

Course 1
The Power of Location Analytics

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Course 2
The Need for Data Integration

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Course 3
Why Location Based Marketing 
Includes All Media

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Course 1
The Role of Location In the 
Personalized Web

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Course 2
Navigating The Waters of Location Privacy 
(GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

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Course 3
Exploring The Coming Trends
Location Beyond Brands & Marketing

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Location Based Marketing ACADEMY

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Dates Level 1 
Wednesday at 01.00 pm EST (90min)

 Level 1 Course 1

January 08

Level 1 Course 2

January 22

 Level 1 Course 3

February 05

Dates Level 2
Wednesday at 01.00 pm EST (90 min)

 Level 2 Course 1

February 19

Level 2 Course 2

March 04

 Level 2 Course 3

March 18

Dates Level 3
Wednesday at 01.00 pm EST (90 min)

 Level 3 Course 1

April 1

Level 3 Course 2

April 15

 Level 3 Course 3

April 29

Season Q1 2020

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