LBMA NYC – Finding Value & Quality In Location Data For Attribution

Location: New York, NY
Venue: Blis Office

Title: Finding Value & Quality In Location Data For Attribution

Description:  Our expert panel will explore key questions facing our industry today such as:What’s the current level of confidence that you’re hearing from agencies and clients about the state and quality of location based data available today?Is cross-device attribution simply about assessing foot-traffic at location?

Or can the attribution services that you and/or your partners provide answer other questions, such as the design of a store layout, staffing and inventory issues or event where to build the next store?

Basket can viewed as a “proxy for purchase” When we think about attribution today, it’s hard to assign true value without having the transaction data.  How do you see this evolving?

Transparency about data sources and location quality has long been an issue for industry. How does the topic of transparency changed when it comes to discussing attribution capabilities with agencies and marketers?  Is it more about education, or do those on the buy side favour one kind of location signal versus another?

Moderated by LBMA NYC chapter president, Jeff Gropper

with panelists from Blis, RSi and more


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