LBMA SoCal – Using Location Data to Create Meaningful Customer Experiences

Location: West Hollywood, CA
Venue: Gimbal Office

Using Location Data to Create Meaningful Customer Experiences

Location intelligence empowers brands and media agencies by providing them with valuable data that helps deliver personalized experiences, gain a greater understanding of the customer journey, and optimize their marketing efforts.  

Our LBMA Los Angeles Chapter is partnering with Gimbal on an expert panel that will explore key questions facing our industry today such as:

  • Marketers struggle with the prospect of providing more personalized, contextually relevant experiences to their brand’s consumers. How does a location data strategy solve for that?

  • Data is seen as a game changer — its use, control, and ownership is a dominant theme across the advertising and marketing landscape….

  • What are the tangible ways brands can rise above the noise to create a more meaningful and personalized experience for their customers?

    • Who is doing this best?

  • 73% of consumers use several different channels while shopping. How can location data be used to ensure a seamless experience across all devices and platforms?
    • In a recent survey by Adobe and Econsultancy, 44% of client-side marketers worldwide said that a challenge most likely to worry them was the difficulty in “getting a holistic view of customers across all interactions.” Four in 10 respondents worried about the challenges of tracking marketing effectiveness. What do you look at when considering hiring a vendor to handle your analytics? Or, would you prefer to manage everything in house?
  • Scale or precision? When harnessing a location-driven strategy, you generally have to sacrifice one for the other. Where does one win above the other? In what applications?
  • Beacons have the ability to enhance marketing with more targeted location-based messaging. When it comes to precision, how does this technology play a role in the overall marketing strategy?
    • How important is this type of granularity in your marketing efforts?
  • Location data can be applied and used in multiple ways: Audience creation and targeting, footfall attribution, and powering insights and analytics. Where do you find the most value from location data?

  • What are the organizational challenges brands and agencies face when implementing a location data strategy?

  • How does the depiction of location data practices in the media impact how agencies and brands infuse location data into their mobile strategy (for themselves or their client)?

    • What role does privacy play in this and how does that impact the customer experience?

  • What mobile experience are you most excited for that you think location intelligence will be able to power in the near future? Similarly, how do you see location intelligence shaping the future of marketing overall (outside of just mobile)?

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