Accenture – Seamless Retail Report

Today’s non-stop customers expect to shop
without barriers throughout a multi-channel
journey that is dynamic, open—and above
all continuous.

More and more of them are consulting their
smart phones and sharing tips with socially
networked friends, in a quest for the best
offers on a seamless purchasing journey—
in store, at home, or on the go.

What’s more, thanks to empowering disruptive
technologies and the online pure plays,
which leverage their innate agility and speed
to offer swift and convenient access to an
ever-widening range of affordable products,
customers are getting what they want.

Threatened with an exodus of their most
valued customers, traditional retailers know
they need to raise their game—and fast.
But new Accenture research reveals that
there’s still a significant gap between what
most mainstream players can do and what
they should be doing to keep their customers
happy and loyal (see Bridging the gap sidebar).

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