eyeQ – Understanding FARIS Technology

The challenges facing brick-and-mortar retailers continue to multiply, with many coming from the emergence and rapid evolution of online and mobile technologies. Shoppers are increasingly savvy and dependent on technology. Some are opting for entirely online expe- riences, while others are bringing competition directly into the physical store via the web on their smartphones. Virtually all have new expectations of the shopping experience due to their exposure to eCommerce tools and capabilities.
These new expectations and challenges are driving retailers and brands to look for new in-store solutions. One emerging solution that uses eCommerce-type capabilities for the benefit of brick-and-mortar retailers is categorized as Fully Aware and Responsive In-Store (FARIS) systems.
This paper will:
• define FARIS technologies
• distinguish them from other retail technologies applied to physical retail
• illuminate different ways this technology is being used to address the challenges of
contemporary retail establishments.

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