JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report – Q2 2011

The Mobile Audience Insights Report is designed to help advertisers better engage their desired audience when they are on-the-go. Given the numerous questions we have from advertisers, networks, analysts and others, we felt sharing some of our data and what we see across our Wi-Fi footprint would be of value to help answer the fundamental question:

Who is the connected on-the-go audience, and what are they doing when online?

JiWire’s Mobile Audience Insights Reports are based on data from approximately 289,000 public Wi-Fi locations, as well as continuously surveying over 2,000 customers randomly selected in our premium locations across the US that used JiWire’s Wi-Fi Media Channel. The Mobile Audience Insight Reports provide information about audience demographics and behavior, enabling advertisers to reach their target audience with relevant ads and messaging.


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