LBMA Global Location Trends Report

The LBMA surveyed more than 50 global brands in each of Singapore, Germany, Canada, United States and the UK, to understand their investment thesis in location based technology and services for 2016.

The report details our findings in each of these 5 markets

Here are some of the key findings:

– 77% of marketers agree location based data is valuable but only 65% think it's accurate. Three quarters believe location based marketing is an important business issue for 2016.

– 3.3% growth in spend is planned in 2016, but for it to really take off, the key will be standardising and verifying the data so it's usable. As you know well, Unacast, having established itself as the world’s largest aggregator of all location data and the backend of proximity in the last 12 months, with the opera deal (and others to come) in place, this is the solution brands have been waiting for.

– While current use is focussed on targeting consumers with offers to drive sales (insert average stat), location based tech will become much more pervasive in 2016. 66% of global marketers plan to use the technology in non-marketing areas of operations, customer services or public safety, for example

– All location technologies – beacon, NFC, GPS, and wifi – are set to grow by double digits, with 63% of marketers planning to invest in wifi, 57% of marketers planning to invest in GPS, 46% NFC and 41% in beacons.

– Social location services tops the areas of interest for marketers, with 48% saying they're interested in using social apps and location technologies to drive customers in store.

The full report is now available for purchase for $499 USD by clicking below.
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