Localytics – It's About To Get Personal

How well do you think you know your app users?

We recently asked this question to companies for whom mobile is a critical part of their business. A resounding 94 percent told us they are confident that they know their users.
But, it turns out that your app users want you to get to know them a whole lot more.

In fact, they want you to get personal, and they don’t mind exchanging data with you about who they are, where they are and what they want to do if it means they get a richer, more functional app experience in return. Which, for you, equates to great app engagement and retention throughout the user lifecycle.

Before I get into the specifics of what your users really want from apps in the future (and by the way, they fully expect apps to play a growing and central role in their digitally-connected lives), I want to first share some facts we recently learned by commissioning an independent research firm to study the behaviors and desires of 1,000 app users.

What we learned is that mobile users have limited attention spans, often jumping from app to app. It’s no wonder since there are literally millions of apps out there vying for their attention. This jives with our own data, which found that 25 percent of apps are only used one time and that 58 percent of users will churn in the first 30 days of using an app, and 75 percent will leave within the first three months.)

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