Placeable – NatLo Top 30 – Stacking Up The Best Brands

National brands cannot afford to have an inadequate or missing local web presence. Almost universally, consumers with local purchase intent begin their searches online. Over the last two years, the percentage of consumers that go online to find a local business rose from 80 percent to an astounding 95 percent1. As a result, national multi-location brands must compete online for customers using local strategies that drive traffic and conversions.

However, successful marketing at scale on the local level is a complex and even confusing undertaking, involving a range of factors across a diverse set of activities. To help articulate and quantify these factors, Placeable has developed the NatLo Score as the authoritative measure of local digital marketing performance, and is proud to introduce the NatLo Top 30
to recognize the national brands that stand out as the best local digital marketers.

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