Turnstyle – Navigating Location Based Marketing

Mobile is introducing positive disruption within almost all markets. A recent study from eMarketer shows that people spend a daily average of almost 3 hours consuming media on mobile devices1. As of March 31, 2015, more than 1 billion searches are being made on mobile per day2. Projected growth over the next several years offers a huge opportunity for brands and businesses to capitalize on the power of location data to drive more sales and connect with consumers. A recent report from Juniper Research predicts that mobile context and location services will reach $43.3B in revenue by 2019, compared to $12.2B in 20143.

Turnstyle and the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) jointly developed this white paper to help retailers, restaurants, brands, agencies and mobile network operators gain a better understanding of the challenges that today’s marketers face and how location-based marketing (LBM) can diminish these challenges. We will conclude with the various technologies along with their associated pro’s and con’s that should be considered before implementing an LBM strategy.

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