Wirecard: Consumer Incentives 2019

The Digital Transformation of Rewards, Rebates, and Loyalty From punch cards and mail-in rebates to mobile apps that make tracking points a breeze, rewards and loyalty programs can be a powerful strategy for consumer engagement. But what do customers actually expect from incentives, how do their experiences match up with their preferences, and do incentives programs effectively influence buyer attitudes and behavior? The following report not only reveals that rebates, rewards, and loyalty programs may be more influential than previously expected, but that customers hold brands to high standards for delivering seamless incentives. These insights make a case for designing customer engagement programs to be truly frictionless, as well as offering the payment choices and digital capabilities consumers have grown to expect. Wirecard’s 2019 Consumer Incentives report is based on three consumer surveys conducted in June of 2019. Survey 1: Behaviors and Expectations was completed by 1,051 respondents. Survey 2: Consumer Experience was completed by 1,043 respondents. Survey 3: Loyalty Programs & Brand Loyalty was completed by 1,049 respondents. In each case, respondents were randomly selected US consumers over the age of 18. Respondents spanned every age category, gender, ethnicity, background, and geographic area within the US

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